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Yes, I said sale! Why is it not a giveaway you may ask? I don’t have the money for like anything, and I need extra cash right now. 

Here’s what we got!

  • Sleepytime Package- (Inckudes) 2 full size blankets, LSP pillow/plush, and a season DVD.- 25$
  • Never Getting Back Together- Hot To The Touch/Ignition Point Tank Top; Ladies Medium Razor back, FP plush- 10$
  • Homies Only Bundle- BMO T-shirt; Medium, XSmall Finn T “Puncha Yo Buns!”, Finn & Jake Plushes- 25$
  • Adventuress Package- Fionna Hoodie, Fionna & Cake plushes- 20$
  • Party Time Pack- Lady Rainicorn plush, Medium Girly Fit that has pictures of characters, and a “Let’s Party!” XSmall long sleeve- 20$
  • Band Geeks- Marshall Lee “The Vampire King” Tshirt, Marceline Plush- 15$
  • #SweeterThanYou- PB plush, PB’s “Rock Shirt”- 15$


  • No, you don’t have to follow me. I may not follow back any AT blogs because I’m more into the bandom,not any fandoms. 
  • LIKES DO NOT COUNT. They won’t get you anywhere. 
  • This has to get over 30 notes, or forget it. 
  • You can reblog this until JUNE 20th. I will be placing ALL the URLs that reblog into a randomized picker, and there is a winner for each package. I’ll message the winners, and THEY will choose which package they get. I’ll be sure to make sure nobody else can have that package once they pick it, and yeah blah blah blah its only fair.
  • If you have ANY questions, ASK ME. 
  • Once I find a way to create an account that will have you pay me for the package, I’ll give you my paypal or whatever money site account dealie whatever and then yeah 
  • seriously you gotta be sure you can pay for this or else i’ll have to choose another winner. seriously.
  • your ask box better be open.


  • There’s a possibility this entire thing may not work out. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to ship everywhere, and I may need you to pay for shipping as well. 
  • I’m still figuring out how I’m gonna get the money… I don’t really have a PayPal, but if someone could PLEASE explain PayPal to me, I’d be happy to make one and make it that much easier then. 
  • This ends JUNE 20TH. It’ll give me plenty of time to figure out the situation I explained above, and it gives you more time to reblog. 
  • NO, these are not all brand new. They’re washed, though. They are all washed, in tact, nothing is ripped, there’s nothing wrong with any of the items. at all. 

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Woo Hoo!!  I have now hit 1000 followers here on Tumblr!  Thank you guys so much for supporting me and my art.  As promised, I have a pretty epic contest in store for you all.

About the Contest

This summer, I will be unveiling my new online sculpture class over on  It will largely follow the same format as my book, Creature Sculpt, but will be video based.  It will also have a forum where you can interact with other students as well as myself!  

In April, I will be filming content for this class.  I will be creating several different sculptures during the various demonstrations.   I already have a few designs in mind, but I thought it would be cool to use a character designed by one of my viewers too!  And this is where the contest comes in.

I am looking for your coolest, original character and creature designs to base one of my class sculptures off of!  Most all original characters are eligible, but I am NOT looking for human/humanoid characters as my class is going to be animal and creature based.  These must be 100% original designs and not fandom-based in any way.  I will select the design I find the most interesting and/or will best help me to demonstrate my sculpting techniques.  

What You Can Win

* The winning character will be featured in my sculpting class, and the artist will be credited to the design.  

* The winner will also be given the chance to have the finished sculpture shipped to them, free of all costs except for shipping and packing (to be paid via PayPal). 

* In addition, the winner will get free entry into my new class!

How to Enter

* Follow me, emilySculpts, here on Tumblr.

* Reblog this post, leaving the original text and image intact.  

* To your reblog, add your personal entry information.  This should include up to 5 images of your original character as well as any supplemental text.  You may include pose sketches or composition ideas as well if you have any sculpture-specific ideas.  Turnaround sheets are helpful but not required.

* You may enter as many times as you’d like.  Multiple characters are allowed in each reblog.  Or if you come up with another idea after your first entry, you may reblog the post again.

Official Rules, Please Read in Full

* Entries will be accepted through April 1, 2014.  I will close polls that evening at 11:59 EST.

* Winner will be announced on April 5, 2014.  Please be certain to watch your feed and messages on this day.  I will make a public post announcing the winner and will also message the winner privately.  If you do not claim your prize within 48 hours, I reserve the right to choose a new winner.

* Entries MUST be submitted on Tumblr via a reblog of this post.  No other entries will be accepted, no exceptions. 

* Character must be your own, original creation.  No fan-based characters will be accepted.  

* Sorry, no human/humanoid characters this time.  This is for a creature and animal based class.

* Submissions must be art-based; no lengthy text descriptions or stories.  (Short textual explanations of certain aspects are fine.)  

* You may submit art that someone else has created of your character so long as proper credit is given.  Also be sure to receive permission from the artist before posting their work.

* While you may make suggestions, I will be determining the final pose, setting and size of the sculpture.

* I reserve the right to use my own artistic license to change certain aspects of your character to meet the needs of my class.  I may also make overall style changes.

* I reserve the right to use photos and videos of the sculpture while it is both in progress and completed in any way I see fit.  This will include virtual classroom use as well as advertisement.

* I will not claim any sort of rights to your character and you will be credited as the creator where appropriate (ie, in the video or class credits).

* If you want me to ship you the finished sculpture, you will be responsible for covering all necessary shipping and packing costs.  These costs will vary depending on where you live, but will generally be around $30-70.  This MUST be paid for via PayPal.

* If no suitable characters are submitted, I reserve the right to not pick a winner.  But I don’t see that happening :)

MY ENTRY Shimmi:

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Harry Potter characters objects

I thought it said Hog Raw Hip.


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Written in the Bones. New comic, written by Christopher M. Jones & illustrated by Carey Pietsch.

I’m hoping to have printed copies of this at MOCCA, ABPCC, and TCAF this spring, and SPX in the fall! More info to come.

this is beautiful!! ;_____; 

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Not sure how genuine it is.. but I WANT IT, well for PC.

Yaaay I&#8217;m a sucker for collectible/limited edition stuff 0w0 if this is real&#8230;asdfghjkkjhfsaaa


Not sure how genuine it is.. but I WANT IT, well for PC.

Yaaay I’m a sucker for collectible/limited edition stuff 0w0 if this is real…asdfghjkkjhfsaaa

Make one wrong move, and everyone will know.

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Essential Guide: The Lost Cities Edition

Hidden in the depths of the sea, buried under hillsides, swallowed up by the jungle, or consumed by the wrath of the heavens – lost cities have fascinated, ever since Plato told the story of Atlantis:

Now in this island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire which had rule over the whole island and several others. […] But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all the warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea.

Many people have gone in search of lost cities — believing in tall tales and ancient legends. Con-men, archaeologists, showmen, and adventurers have traveled over the mountains of Afghanistan, through the jungles of Cambodia, across the deserts of Jordan, and into the very strangest parts of the world, full of hope. But as many have discovered, finding a lost city can be the easy part — what happens next is when things get interesting… 

Atlas Obscura Presents Our Essential Guide to Lost Cities

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Detached Sea Cave Wonderland - Taiwan ( by wrc213)

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Candida Hofer - Libraries (published 2005)

I need one of these

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You’ve experienced a severe anxiety attack.

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